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Corte de jamón STEP 1:
You must place the jamón with the hoof facing up, making sure it is properly fixed. Whether the jamón is about to be consumed during the day, we should remove both the cortex and the fat as to peel the jamón. In the contrary, whether the jamón is to be consumed during a longer slot of time we will shape and clean the piece as we chop it off.

With the broad knife, we will remove the cortex as well as the external fat in order to apply a deep cut into the long bone. Right after this first cut, with the jamonero knife we remove thin slices from the thickest part of the piece. It is expedient to combine slices from both the central area and the peripheral ones.

The slices must be as little and thin as possible. We should try to make the slices as tasty as possible by including in the cut some fat from the upper muscles. The direction of the cut is recommended to be precise either towards the hoof or towards the lower parts of the piece. As a safety measure please ensure that the knife does not face you. Everything must be done carefully in order to make a clean and homogeneous cut.

Corte de jamón

Once we approach the hip bones we will make a sharp cut towards the edge of the bone as to get clean slices in subsequent cuts in this area. Finally, the meat attached to the bone should be proceed in irregular chunks making taquitos.

Corte de jamón STEP 5:
Once we are done with the meaty areas we will turn the jamón upside down, so with the hoof facing the base, we will proceed in the same manner with the counterpart until we reach the bone. This side is the toughest hence it will include more difficulty.

Other aspects to be taken into account:

We will need three knives. The first one should have wide and strong blade as to prepare and clean the jamón. The second one (jamonero kind) should be large with thin and flexible blade in order to extract the slices. Finally, we should have a short and strong (puntilla kind) as for the hip cutting.

They must be as small and thin as possible, trying to include within the cut some intramuscular fat as to make the slices more succulent. The direction of the cut should be uniform, either towards the hoof or towards the bottom. It is expedient that the knife’s blade does not face you.

Corte de jamón

Apart from the time during which the jamón will be consumed, the latter should always have the edges clean and shaped in order to avoid rancid taste or useless cortex. Whether we stop cutting it, we must cover the main area with some chunks of fat and cortex that we have primarily taken off, in order to maintain the ultimate fat always fresh.

Corte de jamón

Jamón should not be ate cold (it looses taste) and it is not recommended to be stored in the fridge. Moreover, it is better to cut just the amount of it that we are about to consume.

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