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Elaboración In the process of elaborating the slaughtering jamón, the latter comes from pigs growth in small family business. With regard to the jamón Serrano though, the pig comes from farms of fat infiltration processes.

The process of curing begins with the arrival of the jamones in blood to our premises, where once the temperature is checked out we proceed with weight classification. Then, we go into salting the meat which will stay the given time in order to accomplish a taste and aroma low in salt.

Elaboración Once we overcome the salting step, the jamon enters the drying rooms where cold environments control at every instant both the temperature and the humidity.

After this, the jamones are moved into the natural dry stores where they will stay until completing the process.

The latter s the longest period of all, it may take between fifteen and twenty months approximately as the jamón dries up little by little until it reduces itself in 33%, giving way to a very homogeneous cure as well as a very characteristic aroma.


To finish up, once the curing process is completed, the jamones go to the area where they are labelled and classified so they are up for sale.

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